Real Italian Cannoli


The Little Cannoli bakery's signature pastry is the connolo. Our bakery produces the best, authentic cannoli with crunchy almond shells tipped in dark chocolate and filled with a true Italian filling; a creamy blend of sweetened Ricotta cheese and Marscapone (instead of whipping cream or pastry cream). Our cannoli shells are baked instead of fried so that they remain crisp and fresh. Each conollo is filled by the pastry chef only when the cannoli are ready to be served. Customers have the option of dipping both ends of the cannoli in toasted pistachio pieces for an added nutty flavor and texture.

Sold individually or in quantities as cannoli kits.

A cannoli kit includes a quantity of empty cannoli shells, the Ricotta cheese and Marscapone filling in a pastry bag, and pistachios for dipping if requested. The customer can then refrigerate the kit and when it is time to serve the cannoli, the shells can be filled thus keeping the cannoli fresh and crisp.

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