Shortbread Butter Cookies from the Little Cannoli Bakery Salem Oregon

Shortbread Butter Cookies

Traditionally a christmas holiday cookie, shortbread butter cookies are soft, rich and delicate tasting cookies baked with real butter, pure-cane sugar, whole eggs and mill-ground flour.

Our shortbread cookies are baked in the following flavors:

Cranberry Orange

A soft butter cookie filled with real cranberrys and orange pieces.

Rasberry Chocolate Pinwheels

A rolled cookie with a tart rasberry filling and half-dipped in dark chocolate.

Black Ties

A shortbread cookie that is dipped half in dark chocolate and half in white chocolate.


A shortbread cookie with toasted pecan pieces and half dipped in chocolate.

Almond Poppy

An Almond shortbread round sprinkled with Poppy.


A red, seasonal cookie baked for the Christmas and Valentines day.

Shortbread cookies are sold in 10-12oz containers, mixed or similar.

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